Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is Happening....


...with my template? Everything on the template disappeared...the header, the background color. I didn't do anything. I thought the site where I got it was down but that can't be that case. I have the same template on my 'trial and error' blog and it looked fine when I opened it earlier.

So now I'm back to the blogger templates just to make it presentable enough for those who will take time to visit. I'd probably change it again tomorrow or the next day...or when I get the chance.

Thanks to all who came by already. I appreciate the time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby Daddy....

Photo from MomLogic

Yes, a baby having a baby of his own! Shocking is probably an understatement. Yeah yeah... I know that in the old days, a lot of younger people used to have kids. But that was then, and this is now. In this day and age, parents should be more responsible. And when I say parents, I didn't mean the 13 year old boy and his 15 year old girlfriend. I meant...THEIR parents!!

Look at him! You can tell by just looking at his angelic face that he does not know what he is doing! Yes, I applaud them for choosing to keep the baby instead of aborting early on....that's because I'm pro-life.

At 13, I didn't even know how one gets pregnant....seriously. But that was a long time ago. Kids now are well informed so it should be expected that they should know better. In a lot of schools today, students are asked to bring home a doll that has baby-like qualities and take care of it for days. Yes, the doll cries....at any given time....day or night. The 'doll' has to stay close with its 'mother' or it will throw a fit...or something like that.

I honestly feel scared for these new parents and their daughter. How will they survive? Will they live together now that they have a child? I read somewhere that the girl still lives with her father and siblings and the baby daddy has been spending a lot of time there as well. Let's just hope that they wait a while before having another one.

Oh, I just read in the news that the local police there are not pressing any charges against anyone. If it were up to me, I'd probably be looking at the adults looking after these children. It's their responsibility after all considering these kids are just minors.



...that this week will bring in some work as far as my coding is concerned. It's been weeks since we had some work from any of the companies I work for. For a while there, I thought we won't be affected much by the economic meltdown [yeah right] because we were getting so much work but it suddenly stopped! Oh well, I guess no one will be spared by it, eh?

It's a holiday today [I think] because it's President's Day so we may not hear from work until tomorrow. Still, I am hoping that we'd get some work one way or another.

This is the biggest downside of being a WAHM. We are ICs or independent contractors so we get paid only if we work. It bites but that's the way it is. Thankfully my family does not rely on the money I make with my work-at-home jobs or we will be in big trouble.

Anyway, here's hoping that work will come in as soon as possible to keep us busy for the months to come. Wishful thinking? Probably...but it's free to make a wish, right?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Octuplets Mom...


It's all over the news. If you haven't heard about her and her growing family [read: 14 children], then get out from under that rock...LOL...

At first, she was being hailed. Imagine carrying 8 babies in your womb! I only carried one and I thought it was heavy...but 8? People thought what she did was incredible...until more information came out.

First, that she's already a mother of 6 children. Second, that she's actually living with her parents. Third, that she doesn't have a husband or a partner to help raise the kids. Added to these, she's not working. So the big question is: How is she going to support her 14 children?

Then she went on TV and was interviewed by the Today Show. I didn't watch the interview myself so I have no idea how she fared there...but I read a lot of criticisms. as a result of that interview. Apparently, she said some things in the interview that are not really accurate. One of which is her denial of getting any kind of help from the state. She's actually getting food stamps...which is given by the state of course.

Now she has a website where visitors can only do 2 things. Leave a comment and donate! Kinda' fishy, isn't it? I was also surprised to find out that she hired a publicist and an agent. Just like a movie star, eh? If rumors are true, she's actually shopping for a TV show. So yes, just like a movie star....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog Header....M.I.A....


Not quite sure what happened to the header of my blog but it has disappeared. I was trying to find a good header to replace the one that came with this free template and I don't remember taking out but it's now MIA.

I guess I have to start looking for a header ASAP or this blog will look odd without it. I may even change the template if I find another one more fitting with the theme of this blog. I haven't done any work on this blog today but we'll get on it as soon as get done with my tasks...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Template Dilemma


I've been looking for a template for this blog. I think I've seen more than a hundred different templates but I still haven't found the one I REALLY like.

I am not really that knowledgeable when it comes to this so, yes, I'm struggling. I really wish I am like those bloggers who can change their templates easily...but I am not.

I will keep on looking though and I won't stop until I find it. For now this one will do.

And We're Live!


Yay! After 2 days of tinkering in My Account of the GoDaddy site, I was able to finally move this blog into my own domain! And I did it all on my own...well, guided by some online search results. At least I didn't have to ask for help like last time. I was ready to do that though, ask a friend to help me convert this blog to my own domain, if I wasn't able to make it work. But I DID it...

So what's the plan now that I have 2 blogs with my own domains? Nothing definite yet. I'm still trying to see what I should to maximize the use of this new blog of mine.

Accomplishments for today:

- changing this blog to my own domain

- loads of laundry

Yeah! Now, if only the weather cooperates. I can add "weeding" in my list. Ha!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Working at home is something I have learned to love. I've been doing it for the last 6 years and if I have a choice, I will NOT exchange it for a job outside the house. But...

The past few weeks have been extremely slow as far as work flow is concerned. I'm certain that the economy has everything to do with it. We still get work every now and then but it usually lasts less than 4 hours.

There are thousands of WAHM/D/P like me. One company I work for has about a thousand independent contractors. That means that if that company releases work, there will be a thousand people trying to grab something. I personally don't waste my time if there's only very little work since it's just not worth the time and aggravation since it not only involves grabbing the work. We have to read manuals to be able to do it right.

But now that work is on 'hiatus', that means I am not also getting paid since I am an independent contractor. No work, no pay.

Should I start looking for something I can do outside the home? Or should I go ahead and look for other work at home opportunities? Both will be very hard...again, because of the economy. I don't even drive yet so that's another reason why I can't look for jobs outside the house.

I guess I'm stuck with looking for another WAHJ for now, eh?

How I wish our economy starts getting better instead of the other way around. Sigh...