Friday, September 25, 2009

RECALL Alert: Tylenol for Children/Infants

Here's a complete list of the Children/Infants's Liquid Tylenol that are being recalled. This is what the little takes so I had to go through her medicine cabinet to make sure we don't have any of these listed products.

I lifted this list from to share it here. Go check your little one's medicine cabinet to make sure you're on the clear on this one.

Recalled Products - Full List

Lot # Product Description
SBM041, SBM067, SCM037, SDM027, SEM109 Children's Tylenol Plus Cold MS
Suspension 4 oz. Grape
SBM042, SCM015, SCM036, SDM034 Children's Tylenol Suspension 4oz.
SBM043, SBM044, SCM029 Children's Tylenol Suspension 4oz.
Bubble Gum
SBM045, SCM011, SCM030, SDM035 Children's Tylenol Suspension 4oz.
SBM064, SCM033, SDM020 Infant’s Tylenol Grape Suspension
Drops 1/4oz.
SBM065, SCM005, SCM006, SDM032 Infant's Tylenol Suspension 1/2oz.
SBM066, SCM068 Children's Dye Free Suspension 4oz.
SBM068, SCM035, SCM070, SCM080, SDM005 Children's Tylenol Suspension 4oz.
SBM069, SBM070, SCM081, SDM006 Children's Tylenol Plus Cough &
Runny Nose 4oz. Cherry
SCM012, SCM067, SDM007, SDM068 Infant's Tylenol Suspension Drops
1/2oz. Grape
SCM013, SCM014, SCM069 Children's Tylenol Plus Flu 4oz.
Bubble Gum
SCM016, SFM024 Children's Tylenol Plus Cold Suspension
4oz. Grape
SCM017 Children's Tylenol Plus Cough/ST
Suspension 4oz. Cherry
SCM082, SDM039, SDM040 Infant's Tylenol Suspension Drops
1oz. Grape
SCM083, SCM084, SDM008 Infant's Tylenol Dye Free Suspension
1oz. Cherry
SDM064 Children’s Tylenol Pediatric Suspension
1oz. Cherry
SDM038, SDM009 Infant's Tylenol Suspension Drops 1oz.
SDM033 Children's Tylenol Plus Cold/Allergy 4oz.
Bubble Gum
SDM078 Infant's Tylenol Drops 1oz. Grape
SCM034 Infant’s Tylenol Grape Suspension
Drops H/G 1/2oz.
SDM028 Children's Tylenol Suspension 4oz.
Cherry, Hospital Govt.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time for.... UPDATE! Ha! It seems that's all I've been doing on this blog. Updates and more updates.

Not much happening around here actually. I guess the saying 'no news is good news' would have to do for now.

Home front...same-o same. I had a couple of appointments with regards to my 'hyperthyroidism' saga. Last week was blood work appointment and this week, today actually, was my doctor's appointment. It turned out to be 'good visit' because he reduced the dosage of my medication. That means it's actually working. Yippeee! But I'm not going to be overly-excited because my thyroid still has 'ADD'...but I'm happy enough.

Work front...still kinda' slow. One of the companies I work for has steady work. It's not much [as my boss likes to say], but it's still work and it's steady.

My latest work-at-home gig is going well so far. It's not as busy as I first anticipated it to be but it's something. It's definitely a part-time job but I'm liking it so far. Right now I don't care much about the money I make with them. I am more concerned in 'learning the ropes' so to speak.

Anyway, it's now officially Autumn. A lot of people are actually waiting for this season to get a break from the scorching heat of summer. Since Autumn only lasts a couple of months, it won't be long before we hear people complaining again not because of heat but because of freezing temperatures. But for now let me just say....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Which one are you? When I was still working on an 8-5 job, I was definitely an early bird or shall say, a morning person. I didn't have a choice but to be one. I was a "slave of the clock" so to speak. That meant going to bed before the clock hits 10 PM and waking up before the clock hits 6 AM. That was my life for more than 10 years. But that's all in the past now.

Now that I am a WAHM, I have the choice if I want to be an early bird or a night owl. Sort of, anyway. The time I go to bed at night is MY decision. The time I have to get out of bed in the morning...that's a whole different story. In other words, it's not ALWAYS my decision when I should get out of bed and it's called 'mommyhood'.

During the first few years of my being a WAHM, I would work until 2AM most days. The little one was just a baby then so her sleeping wasn't the best. Instead of waking up in the middle of the night to attend to her, I would choose to stay up late and work in case she'd need me. I got used to that so for a few years, I was definitely a night owl.

Now that she no longer wakes up to be fed or changed, I can go to bed pretty much after she does...but I sometimes don't. I am no longer staying up till 2 AM but I still go to bed later than I would want to. The result? Me having a hard time getting up early, well, earlier.

Just like today and the other day. It's easy for me to wake up and get ready. The hard part is staying up alert throughout the day. Ugh! We had an early delivery earlier this week so we needed to be up by 7. The husband stayed home until after the delivery which meant he left a little late than normal. Today was my appointment for some blood tests and I scheduled it at 7 AM. Hubby has to drive us that's why it's that early. Everything went well with the visit to the lab but guess what? I am sooooo sleepy right now. I could have taken a nap but I didn't think it would be any good so I just stayed up. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep good tonight.

It is days like today that make me want to go back to my old sleeping routine. Being out and about that early in the morning is very refreshing. It also enables me to do more as far as chores and work are concerned. Hmm...maybe I will...go back to my old 'sleeping-waking' routine, eh?

Friday, September 4, 2009

4 More Months....

...and 2009 will be over? Actually, it's a little less than that because it's the 4th of September already as I'm typing this. Where did time go? Nothing much changed with me except a few pounds here and there, a few additional gray hair on my head and a new WAHJ.

Yes, I have a new work-at-home job. I just started last week so it's my second week with the new gig. I still have the old WAHJs but it's been so slow so I decided to start hunting for a new one a few weeks ago. Well, let me correct that. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a potential work-at-home job even if I have a few already. You just never know when that "perfect" [wah] job would come along. It doesn't matter if it's a temporary one or something longer lasting. What matters most is being able to gain that experience as an additional 'ammunition' in your CV, right?

Due to some confidentiality agreement I signed, I cannot reveal what kind of job it is or which company I work for but I can at least say that it involves a lot of phone work. One thing I would like to say though is legitimate work-at-home jobs exist. I have been working from home for the last 7 years and thousands have been working from home way longer than I've been doing it.

Be patient and keep on looking. One day you'll get that 'dream work-at-home job'. YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK FOR IT....