Monday, June 25, 2012

WBO Review: Pacquaio Won

Yep, the Pacquiao - Bradley controversial fight result is not over yet. WBO or the World Boxing Organization decided to hire international independent judges to review the controversial and came up with a unanimous decision: Pacquiao should have WON the fight. That of course made Pacquiao's fans happy.

Does that mean Pacquaio gets the belt back from Bradley. Not so fast. Apparently, WBO does not make that decision. From what I've read, the Nevada board [not sure which one] must be able to prove that some kind of an illegal act [bribing, maybe?] in order to proclaim Pacquiao as the rightful winner of the fight. Of course the 2 judges that voted in favor of Bradley are standing [and defending] by their decision.

What now? WBO recommended a rematch. That's what Manny Pacquiao wants anyway. He even said [allegedly anyway] that he will not accept the belt if it's given back to him now. He wants a fight [re-match] to prove that he's indeed the champion.

Next question is? Does he still have it in him? Most say, yes. Some say...not sure. I say...I don't know. Haha. I don't follow Manny's fights. I just like to talk about it here....because WAHM talks, ya know.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Knowledge is Power

A lot of people believe in that. I do as well. But it's a double edged sword. At least that's what it is to me. I like to learn about things...but not about sickness or symptoms of a sickness especially if it pertains to me or my loved ones. There I said it. It's stressful to me just thinking that something serious may be wrong with me or with someone I care about.

We've been to the doctor and we're just waiting on results...and appointments to talk about the results. Hubby and I are coping differently. I try NOT to research my and his symptoms. He does the exact opposite. He spends hours reading online about the different symptoms we both have and would come up with something. Still, he can't really pinpoint what's wrong with him. Surprising. I told him to wait for the doctor's diagnosis. He is...but he's also trying to figure it out himself. I can see where he's coming from. Yes, self-diagnosis is not a good thing. But who knows your symptoms better than yourself, right? I'm just glad he's not self-medicating. Now, that would be the time I'd probably freak out and would demand he waits what the doctor says.

Anyway, even if I'm trying not to research what could be wrong with me and him, I still can't help but be stressed out about it. I'm actually having some GI problems probably because of the stress. Sleep is elusive for the past several nights and food comes back up every now and then. Ugh!

Growing up, we never really went to the doctor unless it's something really serious. If it's simple body aches and pain, we just wait it out until it went away. Anything manageable, we tough it out. That's how they still do it back home. My parents were only hospitalized [as far as I can remember anyway] when they were old already. We have doctors back there but people only go to them when they need to...rarely for routine check-ups. Now, I'm not saying that's a good thing. Of course I believe that it's better be diagnosed with something earlier than later....but the stress might just kill me before anything else does. [knock on wood that won't be the case].

So is knowldge really power? Yes. As long as it does not involve health crisis that is beyond my control. Blabbering here. Sorry. I'm stressed.

Have a stress-free everyone. [including me]

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boxing & American Idol

I just saw a picture of Manny Pacquiao and Jessica Sanchez together. It was taken last weekend before the controversial fight between the former and Timothy Bradley where Sanchez sang the national anthem.

These 2 are probably 2 of the most popular Filipinos in recent memory. Although I have yet to hear Sanchez to actually say she's indeed a half-Filipina. Anyway, both of them also kept a lot of international fans glued on the tube not so long ago. Unfortunately, both also kinda' fell short in bringing home the bacon. Yes, we Filipinos still consider them as winners but we cannot deny the fact that we were hoping and praying that they emerged as the crowned winners. Yes? In both 'bouts', 'kababayans' or fellow Filipinos felt short changed with the outcomes. In Jessica's case, she herself felt the winner deserved the title. That doesn't make her any less talented. If I may say so, she's way more talented as a singer. It's just that Phillip is more popular [to the fans who mattered the most] during the competition. Many [Filipinos] may not agree with me and that's okay. To each his own, right? Anyway, as I see it winning American Idol is not always a sure thing for success. Out of the past 10 winners, only 2 have careers now that can be classified successful [record sales]. The others are either still struggling to sell records while the others are almost gone into oblivion. If Jessica plays her cards right and with the guidance of a great management team, she can soar higher than any of these AI champs. Her voice is definitely something. So it ain't over till it's over.

The Manny Pacquiao - Timothy Bradley situation is far from over though. As a matter of fact, the WBO is now going to review the controversial result of the fight. According to the article, the Attorney General of Nevada might just do the same thing. I didn't watch the fight. I'm not a fan of the sport itself. I only read about and it's only because someone I know of is involve in the sport itself like Pacquiao. Since I didn't watch it myself, I cannot tell if Pacquiao won it or not or if something fishy happened. But if the boxing association itself is going out of its way to investigate it, then something must be going on.

What do I hope comes out of the investigation? I guess the truth. Hopefully, everyone will be able to accept whatever the association [and possibly the attorney general of NV] comes up with after their investigation. That's all.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Post in 2 Years!

Even I have that surprised look on my face when I realized what I'm doing! So what gives? I just thought I'd try and give this blog one more shot. I have some free time on my hands and maybe, just maybe, I can make this work. There's plenty of things out there to talk about and I think this will be perfect place to talk about it. It's called 'WaHM talks' for a reason, you know. That will be all for now. I'll try and post here as much as I can. Hopefully my next post will be within a couple of...ummmm....days? Yeah, definitely. Maybe.