Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Weather

... is the best!! To me anyway.

The weather was great the past several days prior to yesterday. It rained cats and dogs yesterday afternoon until early this morning that's why. BUT...that's only for half a day yesterday so all is good because today, it's GORGEOUS out there once again.

As I stated in my post before this one, I AM NOW TRYING to focus more on the good things more than the bad things. It's actually easier to do the opposite but why dampen your good spirit with one bad [weather] day amidst all the sunshiny days we've been having around here, right?

This weekend, the husband was also able to take a full day's off after months of working like a horse. He's been working 16-hour days [sometimes longer], 7 days a week so yesterday was very much welcome & needed. We took advantage of his day off by spending family time in one of the mini-golf course attractions not too far from where we live. It's our second time to do that and we all had a blast. The first time we did, I didn't participate. Kill-joy me, eh? But I'm a KJ no more because I joined in the putt-putt yesterday. Hep-hep-hurray! Hubby kept on saying: I really enjoyed that! Tee-hee...

Aside from the mini-golf 'tourney', we also did some mining where we collected 'jewels' [ semi-precious stones - from a bag of dirt] the old fashion way....shaking off the dirt in water to look for that oh-so precious stone. Evertime there's a colored stone, the little one would blurt out: We're rich! Umm..not quite baby. She really enjoyed the mining tremendously that we're now thinking of doing it for real...going to a real mine-site either the one in North Carolina or Arkansas. That would be FUN, FUN, I'm crossing my fingers that we can do that one day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Counting my Blessings!

And I've been blessed many times in my life so I better start counting them or I may just lose count, eh?

This is also the same topic I posted in my other blog PinayWahm, only here, I'd like to focus more in counting work-at-home related blessings. How's that?

The reason for this post is simple. I want to concentrate more on the good things that happen to me [and my family] instead of sulking and complaining about the not-so-good things. Who is with me on this? You? I hope so.

"Work is SLOW." That's probably my biggest complain. I knew when I decided to be a WAHM that this is the case. Work will not always be busy. So why do I whine about it? Human nature maybe? It seems to be the case when things are not what we want them to be. But I'll try to look at the positive side. When work is slow, it gives me more time to do some other things like chores around the house and more bonding time with the little one and the not so little one [aka hubby]. Time off from work also gives me time to relax, slow down and just be away from my laptop...which is VERY rare. From now on, hopefully, I'll find less reason to complain about and more reasons to be grateful about. So there...

Speaking of being grateful, I just heard from a job I applied for so many months ago. I have not been hired yet but knowing that there is still something out there for 'me' is something I'm excited about. It's not related to any of my present work-at-home jobs BUT it's something I can also do from home. Isn't that exciting? So if you are looking for a job, be it something you want to do from home or a job out of the home, just keep on applying. Don't let the economy deter you from turning in your resume. One of these days you may just get a call for something you applied for months [even a year] ago. Then you'll know what I mean....

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Video from: The Washington Post

Cute. Amusing. These are the 2 words that came to mind when I heard this audio recording of a child directing flights in one of the busiest airport in the US - JFK airport in NY.

After getting over the 'cuteness' of it, reality sets in. Did that really happen? Did a child [probably younger than 10 years old] just directed flights from the air traffic controls towers? Apparently it happened and it's now making headline news around the country [world?]. The father who is a certified air traffic controller and his supervisor are now suspended pending an investigation of this particular incident.

The pilots listening to the little child's direction were obviously amused by it since they went along with it...and even praised the 'junior' traffic controller at one point.

I have a feeling the person/s responsible for this will be in the spotlight for quite sometime following this controversy. I can't wait what he has to say as to why he let his child take the reigns and allowed him to direct air traffic.