Monday, March 18, 2013


An excuse for not having updates on this blog. Ha! That's kinda' true last week but the weeks before...I was just plain lazy I guess. It's been a month since the last time I was able to post here. A lot of things have happened in that span of time...some happy, some sad. For the sad part, both of hubby's step-grandparents passed away during this time. They're both in their late 80s already so they both lived a full life in my opinion. In a way I'm glad they went within weeks of each other. They were married for almost 50 years and I cannot imagine how it must feel to be without each other after living together for that long. So yeah, I'm kinda' glad they're together again.

Some good things came out of these sad events. For one, it proved that family is still family. After years of not being in contact with each other, some of the members of the family came together when all this was happening. Phone calls started coming and meeting in person followed next. Lots of things can be blamed to the lack of communication between family. Distance is one. Misunderstanding is another one. There were a lot of misinformation on all sides. Feelings get hurt. But at the end of the day, blood is blood and family is family. When something like death happens, we all get together to send off that person to the next 'life'. That's what happened to us lately. It may be something temporary but at least we got to catch up and see each other after years of almost no contact at this day and age mind you. But that's the choice they made...and they're all adults so...

Anyway, aside from the unexpected family reunions, nothing much has been happening around here. We haven't been doing any road trips lately. I thought we would have been back in that park I posted about a month ago but no. Maybe one of these coming Spring weekends when the weather is a lot more conducive for canoeing. We're also planning in driving to GA again but that's all in the planning stage for now. Knowing us, we may just do that next weekend. That's the way we like it....unplanned road trips.