Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Health is Wealth....

That's a fact whether you believe it or not.

I am not wealthy but I'm surely glad that I'm generally healthy and so is the husband and the little one. To me, that's the most important thing. I know that we all need money to survive our day to day existence but to me, as long as we have what we need then I'm happy.

Just a few days ago I got a message from a former co-teacher. She was telling me the news that 2 of our former co-teachers retired against their wish because of health reasons. Mind you, these 2 teachers [sisters actually] are both of retiring age already. Still, their retirement was kind of 'forced'. If one of them didn't have a life threatening disease, they wouldn't have given up the jobs they had. Just a background, they are both unmarried and with no kids to support and have been working for more than 30 years earning more than what I would consider sufficient to retire comfortably. Still, they retired with nothing to show of the 30 plus years that they actually had jobs.

I don't know if I should pity them or not on their current predicament but looking back on how they lived their lives during those years when they were earning more than they need, I can't really say that I pity them. First, they should have taken care of their health. Sadly, the one who's sick was never mindful of hers when we were teaching together. Her body and choice of food that time showed that. They overworked their bodies by taking in more work than they could handle at that time and failed to put some aside for their future needs.

Anyway, I'm in no position to preach I know. But I'm thankful that I'm realizing these things while I can still take charge of my life and health...unlike them. All they can do now is find something to support them in the twilight of their lives. It just saddens me that they didn't see this coming. Hopefully they can still enjoy the years left in their lives....with or without money.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Call Me Maybe....Spoofs!

I guess 'Call Me Maybe' is still the favorite song folks like to spoof until now. I can't blame them. The song is very very catchy and makes for a very good song to sing along with. Anyway, the first spoof I saw was that of The Biebs [aha!] and his friends singing along to this summer hit. After that one, they just mushroomed. I stopped watching them because they became like a spoof of a spoof already. Well, until I saw this last one. It's that of the US Marines not just singing but dancing along to the song.


Here's my original favorite of all of the spoofs. This one has been spoofed as well.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Internet TV is Awesome!

Gloomy day it is around here. Yesterday it was pouring like crazy while we were at the mall. It felt like the roof would cave in because of the rain.

Last week went by without much ado. Work have been really slow...slower than usual so I did nothing but watch on Netflix for the most part. I must say that ditching our cable is probably one of the best decisions we've made in the past few months. We've been planning in doing that for quite sometime now. We finally did it about  a month ago. The cable company kept calling us offering us the best they have but we stood our ground and said no. It was quite tempting to take them on their offer - free premium channels [plus all the channels we used to get with our old plan] for 1 year for a quarter of what we used to pay for a year! Ain't that tempting???

It's been about 2 months now since we subscribed to Netflix ~ first month is free and so far, we've been loving it. We're not big TV watchers anyway so I don't really know why we kept them for as long as we did. Let me correct that. I am a big TV watcher...before the internet that is. But now that there's internet where you can watch everything, my TV time has been cut to almost....all of it?

Oh...one of the reasons I was hesitant to have the cable discontinued was my habit of watching [listening] TV while working, especially late at night. We knew that Netflix would still allow us to watch TV but I thought it's either the on TV or computer...not both AT the same time. Well, I was wrong. All we had to do was get this gadget that we can hook up on our TV and voila...we can watch on both TV & computer. Oh, the new TV sets now are Netflix, Hulu, etc ready. All you have to do is have internet connection and you're good to go.

We also have an antenna now so we get the local channels as well as the main ones...ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS as well as PBS and a few other channels....for FREE! So if you haven't tried it....you should. The worst that can happen when you tell your cable provider that you're ditching them is for them to offer you a deal too sweet to pass up....tee hee!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

With Age Comes...

...plenty of doctor's appointments?

That seems to be the case here. I think it was my brother in law who said that once you hit '45', you'd start feeling some things you've never felt before in  your body. Hmm....I'm at that age and so is the hubs. Oddly enough, we haven't been to the doctor this much since I can remember. I'm sure that belief about turning 45 [and feeling more aches/pains] is far from true but it's actually happening to us.

Fortunately nothing really that serious is going on with the both of us. We have some aches and pains here and there and some unusual stuff going on but that's about it. The results of the tests mostly came up fine except for a couple. Still, they're all manageable and treatable. One more appointment and we're good for a few months.

Getting older is something I don't really pay attention to. I'm never conscious about turning a year older. What for? Everybody gets old. It's not like I'm all alone in this predicament. It's only when I start to feel something that I'd feel I'm really getting old. Unfortunately, the body and the mind and the spirit are aging at a different pace. With the former going at a faster rate of course. And that's what's happening to us. Much as we would like to believe that we're not old, our shells are telling us otherwise. And since we pay a fortune to our health insurance every month, we decided to use it and go to the doctor for check ups instead of wondering what the heck is happening.

Anyway, that's my rant for the week. Hopefully I'll have some better rants next time around. Ciao!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tom and Katie Divorce

Shocking? I guess it is since they didn't seem to have any problems that the public is aware of. As somebody who reads celebrity news quite regularly, I must say that I kinda' saw it coming. Just like what's been written, the two of them have not been seen in public together for months. Considering how much they've been seen in public before that, it's odd that they were rarely photographed as a family in the last couple of months.

I saw the episode in Oprah where Tom jumped on the couch like a teenager to show how giddy he was because of Katie. Some thought it was very odd of him to do that in such a public place [it's Oprah...and he's Tom Cruise!] but he did. He was totally smitten with her. It showed how much because he sang her praises every chance he got...up until a few weeks ago when he was interviewed. They both did that actually...sang praises for each other every chance they got.

So what went wrong? How can 2 people who seemed so in love with each other drift apart? Who knows. I guess love wasn't enough to keep them together? Whatever the reason is for their decision to part ways, I can only wish them the best.