Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quick Post....


Just doing a quick post here as I have neglected this blog big time. I have been busy of course. With what??? My work at home job, of course. Well, it's only one of the many reasons why I'm busy as I have a full schedule almost everyday.

We moved not too long ago and we're still in the midst of putting stuff together. We moved but not completely. Some of our stuff are still in the old house. I have not unpacked some of the boxes and they are still in the garage. Mostly books actually but we need some of them already so I have some unpacking in the near future.

Work for one of the companies I work for is just so busy. Since I'm one of team leaders/supervisors I am needed to work at least a few hours a day...just to be around in case questions from my team arise. Other than that, I can pretty much do or work anytime I want to.

So I'm going to sign off here for work is calling me again....