Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Has Sprung?

Really now? For a while there, even us here in the Sunshine state didn't feel that it has indeed sprung...but it did. We sort of felt it for a day, on the first day of Spring mind you,  but it quickly went away for about a week. So for a while there we were one with the rest of country wondering if it's really spring already. Anyway,  the weather has been pleasant for the most part now. As our local meteorologists like to say...we're now feeling spring-like temperatures. Needless to say, we're happy in our neck of the weeds as far as temps are concerned.

Aside from the arrival of Spring, nothing much has happened here lately. Well, let me rephrase that. Nothing spectacular. Huh! A lot has happened though. Our bank screwed up and wouldn't own up to it...until they're caught red-handed. By the time they admitted it's their fault, they've caused us a lot of stress already...and some money because of lost time at work. But that's happens and we just go with it. It's still not fully fixed because we have to redo a lot of transactions. We had to call the other companies to explain to them the bank's screw up. Believe it or not, it seemed like those companies just couldn't believe it that it's actually the bank's fault. From what I 'sensed', they'd rather believe it's US that messed up. Hmmmp! Oh well...I'll just charge that to experience I guess.

Last week was Holy Week. For Catholics, that's a very important week. It's actually one of those times when I wish I'm back home again because I haven't experienced 'Holy Week' for so many years. Unlike when I was still back home when I would spend almost the entire week on church grounds, these days I just stay at home. On Easter Sunday, the father and daughter tandem here painted some eggs for fun. I think they do that every year. I never paint an egg because I don't have the 'power'...errr, the talent to come up with ideas on what to decorate them with. As for the father/daughter tandem, they usually come up with something really cute and sometimes funny ideas to paint on their Easter eggs. I just stay on the side taking pictures and watching them while they do their thing.

This weekend, I'm planning in checking out a Philippine Festival not too far from where we are. It's actually far...about 40 miles away...but it's only held once a year. I figured I can enjoy some of my favorite dishes as well as let the little one see how fiestas back home are celebrated/observed. We already went to this place one time but it was during the Christmas season. The little one enjoyed looking around because there were a lot of decorations and lights. This time around, I'm hoping there will be more native foods to choose from because that's what's lacking that time we were there. Yep, I'm going to 'binge' on some Philippine delicacies...I hope.

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