Monday, February 11, 2013

Road Trippin'

One of the things that hubby told when we first met was his love for taking a drive. He said he likes just getting behind the wheel then just drive. We did that afew times here and there for the first few years we were married. Then we got busy with the baby, work and some other things. That meant not being able to go as much as we used to and we wanted to. But during the last quarter of last year, we decided to take a long drive to Georgia. We went there mainly to look at the place and some properties. But we also enjoyed the 7+ hour long drive. Just taking in the sights while on our way to our destination. That somehow fueled our appetite for doing that...driving just to sight see. From that time on, we've been driving around a lot during the weekend. It's mostly just around here. We don't have the time to go far because of work so we just stay local...for now.

So where do we go during these 'local road trips'? Nowhere in particular. What we usually do is just go out. If we have some errands to run, then we do those first. As soon as we're done with the errands, hubby will just drive. Most of the time we just stay in the car. A few of the times when we see something worth stopping for, we'd stop to take pictures. We've done that maybe a couple of times only. But not all of our trips are unplanned. We had one a few months ago where we went to this forest trail to look at some underground caves. Most of the caves are very small but there are couple that we were able to get into. The little one had fun exploring the caves. After the cave exploration, we went rough terrain driving also in the same forest. The husband did most of that himself because I wasn't very keen in going through it. I just took some videos of him trying to get over the humps and bumps on the terrain that were made just for that purpose.

Im sure we'll have more road trippin' in the days to come. Hopefully I'll be driving in one of those trips. Maybe....

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